This Week in Hobby – 6.19.17

Well, summertime weather for the Pacific Northwest has arrived. And I’m struggling to get on top of my outside projects before the normal activities for the summer take over my time. 

I did get the new wood storage area finished this week. I’ll be starting the larger roof section this week. 

On the gaming table, I got to sit down with my nephews to talk them through a game of Arena Rex. It’s a fairly quick game to get your head around.  And the teenagers I was showing how to play caught on after just a short read thru. 

It is a brutal and bloody game. I really like this game for a quick through down.  As most reviews online point out. This game does a very good job portraying melee.  I found it to be very cinematic… and action packed. 

I’m looking forward to painting these beautiful minis. 


This Week in Hobby – 6.14.17

It’s been a busy week. Working overtime and several Saturdays. Really is cutting into getting hobby stuff done lol.   But I’ve made some progress on things. 

I reused the tin from the old sheds we tore down to protect the wall for the woodshed area. 

I’ve also got the woodshed area framed … 

… tonight I’ll try to get the rafters in – and sow blocking.  I should have to tin roof on by tomorrow. Then it’s on to the larger roof to cover the area between the garage and tall shed. 

I have had time to start priming my larger industrial MDF terrain. I’ll be using the rusty red as a base – then I’ll try out using salt as a weathering method. 

Lastly, I’ve decided to take the dive into Arena Rex after picking this set up at a great discount (used). 

I have really loved the look of these figures … I’m planning to purchase a couple more. And I’m really looking forward to making my own arena 😄.

That’s it for me.  I’m hoping to wrap up the construction this weekend so I can get back to game related stuff for a few afternoons. Next after a short build break on the list will be back to yurt stuff. 


This Week in Hobby – 6.9.17

I’ve been working on outside projects this week. No hobby to speak of… I’m trying to focus on a few big things so I can get back to my hobby time lol. 

My initial project started with stripping off old water damaged fiberboard from my woodshed area.  Cutting out rot and replacing lumber.  I’m redoing the plywood siding as well on this end of the shed. 

With that complete – I added new tarpaper felt.

Which is where I left off. Tonight after work I’ll repurpose the old tin from the old sheds we tore down for siding. I’m intending for this small alcove to be the close winter storage of firewood.  The old tin will do nicely to protect the wall from the stacked wood. 

Ok – back to work!