This Week in Hobby – 5.13.17

I’ve been busy with work this past week. But I did finish up a few more Dark-Age Outcasts. 

These wasteland warriors went really quickly.  I’m satisfied with how they came out – and they fit in well with the rest of the force. 

I also got Finn Deadeye – a bounty hunter sniper done. She will be a nice addition to the Outcasts as well. 

Lastly, I got the Outcast Fixer completed … he can heal as well as prevent some malfunctions near him. Which is always nice in darkage. 

I have three minis left to do – to complete my Outcasts faction. After that I’m hoping to get some terrain projects finalized – so I can start to plan out some demo games. 


This Week in Hobby – 5.8.17

It turned out to be a fairly quiet week for me on the hobby scene.  Some extended family things came up … and I ended up pretty busy in my free time. 

I ordered this as soon as it was released.  I used it as an opportunity to pick up these additions. 

All of these Dark-Age releases has really made it hard not to pick up more lol. As well as limited my time looking and working on other games. 

I did get started on these two. I’ve got a good handle on how to get these bases done quickly.  I also picked up and based this new addition as well. 

I’m thinking he’ll be a nice addition to the Outcasts. 

I finished Captain Flay.  And got a good start on this wasteland warrior.  I’m not entirely happy with how the scheme is working. But I’m hesitant to start over on her.  I think I’ll spend more time making her look more dirty &  grimy. 

I’m hoping to get more done this week. 


This Week in Hobby – 5.1.17

Well another month flew by … and the days are slowly getting lighter and warmer. Spring is in the air as they say.  I’m enjoying the time between showers to get outside for relaxing as well as some work in the yard. 

On they painting table this week I’ve gotten several more Dark-Age Outcasts completed. 

Nathaniel and Orchid… came together pretty nicely. I had a clear vision on a paint scheme… and I’m happy with how they turned out. 

I got Hoj done – tying him into a similar theme as Nathaniel & Orchid.  I really feel that the system is working well for the Outcasts… I’m hoping to repeat it with the next faction I paint. 

I found time this weekend to finish up the Outcasts Warchief.  Again this one went quickly. I’m over halfway completed with the Outcasts now. 

I also added these too additions to the Outcasts last week. I’m hoping to get them base colored in this week.

Lastly, I picked up this addition to my classic Eldar collection…  

I’m hoping to get this paint ready soon and have it in gaming shape soon after.