Late Summer Hobby Malaise — 9.7.17

The summer is swiftly slipping away.  But it’s still hotter and drier  than normal here in the Pacific Northwest. I spend the last bits of August with a summer cold … then as I got better from the virus the wildfires took over with unhealthy levels of smoke hanging in the hot dry air. 

I’m starting to feel mostly better now … just in time to try and get the last of the big outside projects wrapped up before fall. 

The yurt porch is done. We got it stained and treated for the wet season last week. I’ll get to the roof later into the fall. 

I got a chance to go disc golfing a couple weekends ago (here is my friend throwing out of a pond). It wa my first disc golf outing in months.  I did ok – and matched my score from my last visit to this course. 

Some new residents moved into my completed woodshed – I’ll try to catch them and get them fixed when they are completely weened from their mom. We have lots of strays in my area sadly. 

Here is the hobby desk …. it’s a mess. It has been to hot in the garage to really paint. I’ve cleaned up and put together some MDF terrain – but that’s about it. I’m hoping to wrap out the outside projects and get back to work on the hobby stuff when the fall rains come. 



This Week in Hobby – 8.22.17

Here is the crowning jewel of my summer. The total solar eclipse passed over my yurt yesterday. 

We had about 25-30 people staying the weekend at our home and lots of fun was had by all. 

I did get the porch and stairs done for the yurt on a slightly delayed schedule. I’ll add a roof to the porch after we get more done inside the yurt. 

Next up for the yurt is finalizing plans on switching to natural gas and an on-demand water heater. While we are figuring that out I’ll finish redoing the drip edge and skirting. Then we’ll get the bathtub (finally) installed.   

That’s it for me – this week will be busy – but I’m hoping to be joining a game league in the fall – so at least I’ll have some battles to report on sometime. 


This Week in Hobby 8.14.17

Well last week I was on a vacation roadtrip. We traveled south to Nevada, then to Arizona and New Mexico. We traveled back thru Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. 

We saw lots of cool sites along the way. So much to see – so little time. It was a great family vacation – and we are happy to be home now. 

Hobby wise, I worked on more terrain. This was a big kit. And the online instruction PDF was great. 

I went ahead and dry-fit the whole thing. I am sure I’ll primer and paint this while it’s mostly apart. 

I’m hoping to get basic colors on it this week and then I’ll add it to my paint and details later group. 

On the Yurt project… I’ve been waiting for my new metal skirting… it’s been delayed several weeks.  I got the deck framed and ready. I’m just hoping to get the metal skirting before going to far.   

Things on tap for me this week. I’m hoping to get the skirting metal and finish the yurt porch this week. And then the following Monday we will be looking at the “Great American Eclipse”. My home is in the path of totality … so we’ve got our fingers crossed for clear skies.