This Week in Hobby — 01.16.18

I have jumped in with both feet on this 40k league. I had a game last night and have another one scheduled for tonight.  For my list in this league (at least the first round) I am going with a simple to play straight forward force.  I don't want to have to think to far … Continue reading This Week in Hobby — 01.16.18


The State of my Hobby — 01.11.18

Well it's a new year ... and I feel somewhat revived in my hobby outlook. After a year of getting my head back into focus, I have some clear gaming and hobby goals for me to focus on. Last year my "resolutions" if you can call them that ... well pretty much were static.  I … Continue reading The State of my Hobby — 01.11.18

My GMs Holocron — 12.06.17

I've been GMing / DMing for ages - long before I jumped into miniature wargaming.  We were acting out our first "games" back in 7th grade... without books.  Later that christmas I finally got a red box basic Dungeons and Dragons set.  Followed closely by the blue box "Expert" set and the Gamma World box. … Continue reading My GMs Holocron — 12.06.17