This Week in Hobby – 7.27.17

Last week was a blur ... last Saturday we spent the day at the beach - and the weather was glorious.  Unusually clear, bright, not windy and not ice cold ocean water for the Oregon coast.   Suffice to say, I had fun with the family. I also go a bit sunburnt.  After my last … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 7.27.17


This Week in Hobby – 7.18.17

I ran into a snag on getting the yurt porch going this past weekend.   I do have the lumber ready to go... And I started cutting the new Drip Edge pieces down to size from the ⅜" plywood.  But when I started pulling off the rotten skirting I ran into some extensive dry-rot on … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 7.18.17

This Week in Hobby – 7.10.17

This last week didn't allow for much hobby time.  But I did get the Yurt window wrapped up.  I also picked up the lumber for the front porch. I should be starting that project this week.  I did get this Kickstarter this week ... "Fast Pandas Pizza" ....  food cart thing for sci-fi (Infinity) settings. … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 7.10.17