Quick update

I spent about 5 hours last night getting things closer to being done on the HQ (Corsair Prince, the Void Dreamer & the Grynx). Mostly I concerned myself with base colors. 

I soon found myself in deep painting mojo mode – and I’m nearly done with the Void Dreamer & his Grynx. 

– I’ll try to wrap up the Void Dreamer tonight – along with the Grynx. Tomorrow I’ll try to finish the Void Prince. 



Eldar Corsair Squad – done

Sometimes things just take time. These guys (15 of them) took the better part of a week. After work each day last week till we left on a vacation trip over the July 4th holiday. 

Anyhow, I’m happy with the results. I currently have no plans to paint all the gems at this point. These are the way they will be for OFCC in only 10 more days!!

The banners were simply print outs – which I painted and cut out. Then after applying pva glue I bent into a flag waving form.


 After they were dry I cleaned up the cut edge and used some wash to give the shadows. Then I went back and applied the high lites. 
After all that – I went back and finished of the base color – with shadows.    

The full effect with all 15 in a group is pretty cool. Ok, back to work!!!


Ok, I’ve been working hard on my army this weekend. I’ve finished all the Falcons – and the warp hunter. 

After the Zoat Terror Squad (which will be counts-as war walker wasps – troop unit) I have the troops, shadow spectres and HQ. 

 The Zoats are painted in the classic RT era eldar pirates theme.  These guys bring back lots of fun memories.