This Week in Hobby – 6.27.17

Summertime is here in the Pacific Northwest… and so far it’s a hot one. I got out with the family to visit the Oregon coast over the weekend. It was a really nice relaxing break. 

After a few learning to play games of Arena Rex – I decided to do a quick painting project. I prepped the columns for paint. I capped the tops with some card stock. And sanded the mold lines. I picked the columns up in a cake decorating section of a craft store. 

After some tan primer – I dry brushed on a few lighter shades of tan then off-white. Lastly I added blood splatter to fit in with the gladiators. 

Lastly, I started and then finished off the covered area project. 

It went much quicker than the other section.  I’ll be adding a garden tool hanger section to finish the details this week. 



This Week in Hobby – 6.19.17

Well, summertime weather for the Pacific Northwest has arrived. And I’m struggling to get on top of my outside projects before the normal activities for the summer take over my time. 

I did get the new wood storage area finished this week. I’ll be starting the larger roof section this week. 

On the gaming table, I got to sit down with my nephews to talk them through a game of Arena Rex. It’s a fairly quick game to get your head around.  And the teenagers I was showing how to play caught on after just a short read thru. 

It is a brutal and bloody game. I really like this game for a quick through down.  As most reviews online point out. This game does a very good job portraying melee.  I found it to be very cinematic… and action packed. 

I’m looking forward to painting these beautiful minis. 


This Week in Hobby – 6.14.17

It’s been a busy week. Working overtime and several Saturdays. Really is cutting into getting hobby stuff done lol.   But I’ve made some progress on things. 

I reused the tin from the old sheds we tore down to protect the wall for the woodshed area. 

I’ve also got the woodshed area framed … 

… tonight I’ll try to get the rafters in – and sow blocking.  I should have to tin roof on by tomorrow. Then it’s on to the larger roof to cover the area between the garage and tall shed. 

I have had time to start priming my larger industrial MDF terrain. I’ll be using the rusty red as a base – then I’ll try out using salt as a weathering method. 

Lastly, I’ve decided to take the dive into Arena Rex after picking this set up at a great discount (used). 

I have really loved the look of these figures … I’m planning to purchase a couple more. And I’m really looking forward to making my own arena 😄.

That’s it for me.  I’m hoping to wrap up the construction this weekend so I can get back to game related stuff for a few afternoons. Next after a short build break on the list will be back to yurt stuff.