The Past Week (or so) in Hobby – 6.17.16

Progress comes slow these days. I’ve got way to many irons in the fire and I’m finding it hard to make to much headway in any one dirction.  But, here we go…

Bathtub progress – 

I had to manufacture a new part for the tub claw foot. I checked around and discovered it would be very hard to find this bit. 

The one claw foot keeper on the right is broken. It lost its tab on the left side. This is cast iron – so pretty difficult to fix. I decided to do some down and dirty machining – with a hacksaw, file and grinder 😜. 

Starting with a short piece of scrap angle iron.  I approximated my measurements from a good foot tab and hacked off all the excess iron. Soon I had a good shape. 

I drilled a good hole for the fastening bolt before I got too far on the cutting. 

Here is the finished bit. It will do the job and keep the foot on. It’s not pretty… But I’ll use it on a foot on the wall side in the yurt. 

On the hobby side of things – I finished my USAriadna Foxtrot and Roger Van Zant mini. 

Next up I’m working on finishing the grunts and I’ve started work on this Merc Hacker mini. 

She will be a good addition to my ranger force. I don’t have anything that could be hacked – but I know must opposition will likely have some 😄. 

– ok – that’s it for now – back to work!



This Week in Hobby – 6.02.16

Well it’s been a couple busy weeks. Sorry for the delay but it’s now June … and my self imposed deadlines loom. 

I’ve made good progress on the old bathtub project. I’m down to a few gloss coats and I’ll be done with it.  It took ages each afternoon to strip the old layers of paint.

I spent last weekend getting a good few layers of etching primer on – and after another couple days dry time I started laying down the color my wife had picked. 

While I worked on the tub my brother got the old claw feet sand blasted. I’ll be giving them a good few layers of clear coating. And then I’ll piece the tub back together. 

On the real hobby table I got more done as well …

Intermixed over the last couple weeks I’ve found time to work on my mini-mansion. This kit has been a joy to put together. So much so – I had a hard time stopping work on it each day I had time to work on it. 

I got all the elements put together – all dry fit nice and tight. I only had minimal clean up to do. This will be a perfect addition to my options for Infinity as well as Dark-Age and even 40k. 

After finishing all the main parts I went back and started painting each part needed for each component. Here is the main big building with the paint scheme I’ve decided to use. For now I just sprayed on the main colors. 

I’ll detail it out later – someday lol.  Anyhow, I plan to paint up the rest of the elements when I get a chance. But here are some additional shots of the components of this kit. 

I can’t say enough about how great this kit is. Very nicely packed with instructions at each component layer.  
Ok, well there are still lots that I need to get done before mid-month. Back to work.