The Past Week (or so) in Hobby – 6.17.16

Progress comes slow these days. I've got way to many irons in the fire and I'm finding it hard to make to much headway in any one dirction.  But, here we go... Bathtub progress -  I had to manufacture a new part for the tub claw foot. I checked around and discovered it would be … Continue reading The Past Week (or so) in Hobby – 6.17.16


This Week in Hobby – 6.02.16

Well it's been a couple busy weeks. Sorry for the delay but it's now June ... and my self imposed deadlines loom.  I've made good progress on the old bathtub project. I'm down to a few gloss coats and I'll be done with it.  It took ages each afternoon to strip the old layers of … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 6.02.16