What’s Happening — 9.25.17

Well for the the last 3 weeks I’ve been working on wrapping up outside projects before the rains come. That all started with having nine trees on the property dropped. 4 were way to close to the house. Then there were 3 others whom were either dead / dying or diseased. And another couple of … Continue reading What’s Happening — 9.25.17


Token Upgrade – UPDATE

Ok, as promised here is a quick update to upgrading your markers. First, here is a link to this page where you can print out your own markers... Infinity Marker Sheet     This is a great resource ... printout your markers - cut them out - cool! To add to the task of upgrading my tokens … Continue reading Token Upgrade – UPDATE

Token Upgrade 

I saw someone with some nice Infinity tokens/markers. After taking a closer look he explained the rather easy makeover.  I picked up Operation Icestorm last winter. And we have played a few times with the card stock punch out markers. They are light weight and can easily be blown around or moved.  The solutions include … Continue reading Token Upgrade