Anatomy of Freehand

Ok, I started on the other side shield… Freehand details are sometimes difficult to balance. I decided to get some in progress shots. It’s not complete but it gives a basic outline of how I go about doing it.

I started with an image from some old GW Eldar sketches… Void Dragons has always been something I wanted to try. I think it’s a pretty cool – and unexplored corsair group.

Next, I start out by getting an idea of the size I have to work with. So a sketch of the shield shape helps to start.


I then use something straight to mark out the center line. A post-it or a piece of tape will do.


Then I mark out some guidelines … Center line, and points of interest when trying to balance things out.

I then do my best to sketch the image using the reference drawing and the guide lines.

Finally, I thin down some paint and start tracing things out. I will follow up with some background color to tighten things up… These fine-tuning stages can take several stages to get things to what I a looking for.



Freehand Details


Started work on one of the side shield … over the left leg. I typically pencil some sketches… before working on the sketch by transferring the idea to the part to get the design. Above is the pencil work.


I then go to work on painting the basic shapes.


I then go back and cut back in with the base color… This really helps clean out the look I want. After looking at the piece the next day… I decide that this isn’t quite the look I want. It feels to dark for the light blue/teal and white theme I have going on this project. I decided to add white to the symbol… And I think it may work. Here is a shot showing the change… Yet to be finished.


-back to work…