Making Fences – pt. 3 / fin

Well I got an hour or two of time this afternoon and I wrapped up this project. At 28mm scale – this fence should approximate to roughly a 10′ – 12′ fence in miniature scale for most mini games I play. 

In the picture above – in front of the fence is my USAriadna forward observer. She should be a standard human female – which looks about right.

I’m happy about how this fence turned out. And I think I have enough of it to provide an interesting addition to my terrain choices. 



Slow Week

My hobby week was cut into because this head cold I’ve had will not go away. I spent most of my afternoons resting and trying to rid myself of it. I did get some minor progress for the one afternoon I was at the hobby table. 

I worked a bit on the fence project. This one is the start of the damaged double section. I’m hoping to get back to it and finish the fence project by the end of the comming weekend. 

I also picked this guy up for my already large Dragryi Ice Caste force. It’s resin… I didn’t know they made resin figures for DarkAge. There are a couple bits of metal, but most of him is resin. After some mold line clean up I’ve got him about half together.  I’m hoping to finish assembly over the weekend as well. This one will need a bit of green stuff – as he has quite a few gaps needing filled.