Making Fences – pt. 2

I’ve been making slow progress on my fences. But after siting down after work two straight nights – I’ve just about finished. 

I decided on (2) long sections, (2) short sections and (2) corner sections. The posts are about 9″ apart / with near 10″ bases. My intention is to try and keep one fence in fairly decent condition and another damaged in some degree for each set. 

After getting all the posts, supports and bases together I primered them all a nice rusty red/orange. 

Here is a shot of them with one of my Dark-Age minis. 

Next I set about painting the bases to match a basic barren desert like terrain. 

I followed that up by painting the fence hardware itself. I’m looking to show metal bits as a aged, damaged and rusting fence. Using Boltgun Metal for a simple and sloppy base. I then moved on with a brown – dabbing that on for a basic foundation for the rust build-up. 

I continued that with lighter and brighter dabs of rusty orange colors. I didn’t use bird strokes with the “rusting”. I used bits of sponge and dappling with a large brush – keeping the look natural and random. After this I gave the naturally shaded areas a light blackish wash. 

After the posts were dry I gave the fencing a very similar treatment for aging. Then I started gluing the sections of mesh onto the posts. 

Next, I started adding the “barb-wire” to the tops… 

My last steps will be to go back and dirty up – rust and grime to the barb-wire. Then to touch up the mesh – (I had chipped off primer on sections I folded and cut up for fence damage. I’ll also add a last bit of rusting highlights. Then I’ll add some grass and give everything a matte coat. 

Next time the fence will be complete!



Making Fences – pt. 1

Last night I started building a fence.  I have been wanting a set of fencing for my games for quite awhile and getting those jungle trees done got me in the mood for more building stuff. 

 I found this bag and knew it would be perfect. I can’t remember what was in the bag at the moment. But I bought the bag with its contents. I’m thinking it had flower bulbs or something. Anyhow, the contents aren’t important. Look for a good mesh bag with this angled diamond shape. 

This bag was perfect. Last week I picked up some plastic rod and other items for this build.  I’m hoping for a set of good modular fencing for Dark-Age as well as 40k and Infinity. The aim is to fit the 28-30mm scales. 

The first thing I did was to measure out the bag and see what height of fence I could do – and use the bag most efficiently.  The usable length of the bag was 10 inches. So I set about cutting the bag up to 2″ heights. That should work out to roughly 10-12 foot fence to scale for 28mm or so. 

After trimming the bag down and cutting the loop I had 5 sections about 9″ long.  This should give me about 45 inches or over 3.5 feet… perfect. 

Next step is to build the five post sections. I’m thinking two 90° corner sections & three straight sections. Two of the straights will have some sort of damage.