Unboxing – new stuff

Hey I receive my first order of harlequins from GW this week. Nice nice – like them so far.



I’m really loving the idea of building my new force. Hopefully I can get the new codex and a army list put together that I can build before OFCC.
I’ll be picking up my order of skyweavers this weekend. I’m not sure I will order the star weavers at this point. I may look at converting some vypers instead.

I couldn’t wait and dug right into building the solitare – these guys are tiny lol – with several fiddly bits. Be really careful cutting these off the sprue.

Here is the guy put together.



I’ll try to get more of these put together this weekend.



Harlequins – poised

Wow… just wow.  Ok well I ordered the first round of harlequin stuff – and my credit card is poised and ready for the next releases this week.  UGH – I am so giddy to play Harlequins again.

I was bored… and eager to pull together my Eldar Harlequins… here they are … (well the ones not in blisters or in parts that is.  I am hoping to find a place for my converted shining spears… and all my harlequin faced jet bikers too.  I need to put back together my three harlequin wraith lords.  I am hoping that they will have a place in the new codex (rumored).  If not – I will work on a CE/DE-Harlequin mix for a playable list.

IMG_0056_2 IMG_0055_2

Ohh… one last thing – I have committed this week to play on a team for OFCC this year.  I am planning on Harlequins being that list.  Which means (obviously) you all will be getting lots of looks at that project between now and late July.  OFCC (Ordo Fanatics Team Challenge).  If you have been following my blog for a few years you know what this is… if not – check out the link and find out.


Conversion time

I need to get to work on the DE Harlequin list. I’ve been so busy with the yurt and struggling to finish the Revenant. I have about two and a half months to get this done.

Starting to try and figure out the main conversions. I will use the old Lelith figure for my harlequin troupe master. She really just needs a shuriken pistol.



The other conversion will be the harlequin troupe master to be my Baron Sathonyx counts-as. This one is a bit more tricky. I’m not quite sure if this will work out as he will be top heavy.

Anyhow, I’ll post more after I start cutting things up.