Hobby Table – 04.11.16

Again, I don’t have much gaming stuff to share this week. Mostly due to outside projects.  The weather here in the Pacific Northwest was been warm and nearly summer like.  Kind of crazy for Oregon in early spring. 

I did get a few afternoons to work on this. 


I’ll get this bike and rider done this week I hope. Then I’ll try to set up my light booth for some better shots. 



Hobby Table – 03.28.16

It’s been a long week or so – with very little time on the painting side of things. 

I started painting my USAriadna in group / assembly line fashion. Focusing on the Grunts.  I’m hoping to return to these this week.  But first I’ll need totals care of a few non- hobby things. 

I also worked on a sheet to better track my battle reports. I’ll try to use it and refine in when we have another battle. This one is aimed at Dark-Age and Infinity… But I think it will work for a couple other skirmish games as well. 

The next few weeks I will be focusing on some upgrades to the Yurt. Namely, a proper front porch, installing the window and finishing the bathroom. 


The hope is to have all the projects on the Yurt complete before spring is over. Long term plans include building a larger home structure in the coming years – while we build that we will have to solely rely on the yurt for or day-to-day living again. We want it to be fully complete before we get to that point.