What’s Happening — 9.25.17

Well for the the last 3 weeks I’ve been working on wrapping up outside projects before the rains come. That all started with having nine trees on the property dropped. 4 were way to close to the house. Then there were 3 others whom were either dead / dying or diseased. And another couple of … Continue reading What’s Happening — 9.25.17


This Week in Hobby – 7.10.17

This last week didn't allow for much hobby time.  But I did get the Yurt window wrapped up.  I also picked up the lumber for the front porch. I should be starting that project this week.  I did get this Kickstarter this week ... "Fast Pandas Pizza" ....  food cart thing for sci-fi (Infinity) settings. … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 7.10.17

Another Week (or so) in Hobby – 2.2.17

Well, winter has relented for the last week or so. Snows are all melted for now so I got out for a couple of chilly rounds of disc golf.  On the hobby table nothing has really changed. I hadn't really gotten time to do much hobby stuff. But I did get my long awaited Kickstarter … Continue reading Another Week (or so) in Hobby – 2.2.17