This Week in Hobby – 4.25.17

Well it’s spring and I’m really feeling the creative juices flowing. I’ve gotten out for disc golf a couple times which is nice. I’m enjoying the new gig and pushing my knowledge into new things.   It’s a good springlike feeling all around. 
Hobby desk …  

I’ve finished Mongo. He was really fun to do.  And he will make a great centerpiece for the Outcasts. 

I also finished up the Outcasts Bully.  I kept him simple … I got him nearly completed in an hour. But I ended up finishing him over the weekend as well. 

I also finished these two Scuts. I did them both at the same time and had them share mostly the same palette. 

The rest of the Outcasts are coming along nicely. I’ll be banging through another 2-3 this week for sure. 


What’s Going On – 4.17.17

Well it’s been busy for me the past few weeks. I gave notice with my job of 9 ½ years and started a new job last week. Same industry (label printing / prepress).  It’s hard to move on … missing friends that I’ve made over the years … as well as that “comfort zone” of knowing your job inside and out. But there is also the need to broaden my horizons… and, frankly, knowing what is best for me. The old place wasn’t helping me grow – nor was it good for my health. 
The new job has me busy with training and learning how things work within the new surroundings and procedures. In a couple weeks I’ll get my normal hours back. Which means I’ll have my normal time at the hobby table again. 

Over the last few weekends I did get a few gaming things done.  I dug into the Warden – for DarkAge and got him (& his captive) completed. 

Here is the final with grass added …

I have also been plugging away at Mongo … he’s just been taking me longer. 

I’m getting closer to finishing him … maybe I’ll get some more time this week. 


Last Week in Hobby – 4.3.17

Well spring is officially arrived… and it is a wet one. Yet we have gotten some rays of sunshine from time to time. The outlook is good. 

I have got a few hours at the hobby table over the past week. I wrapped up the Brood for Dark-Age.  I decided I needed to get at least one other faction pained for play… so I settled on my smallest faction the Outcasts. 

I started this project by putting Mongo together …  he only required a small bit of greenstuff. 

I had already based the other Outcasts – so I caught him up to the same stage as well. 

For the Outcasts I decided on a broken concrete and rebar look – something in contrast to the swamp bases of the Brood. 

I will be doing these guys assembly line fashion. Which really went well for the multiple layers of dry brushing and washes. 

I’ve just started doing the flesh tones. Hoping for a good sunbaked / dark tanned look.  I’m hoping to wrap those up early this week and start on the outfits next. 

I’ll do some looking around and research a color palette for the Outcasts in the next couple days so I can get these guys done quickly. 

I am continuing to review and refine my hobby collection. I am hoping to get some remodeling done in my hobby area over the rest of the spring as well. 

– ok – back to work.