This Week in Hobby – 9.6.16

Looking ahead … And looking back. That’s kinda my theme of thoughts currently. I’m trying to wrap up some projects. And trying to get other things started. 

The first things that got done this past week we’re finishing up my revised BloodBowl Goblin team.  I’ve joined a new league which starts this week. And I’m all ready now. 

Here’s the team. I’ve updated some of the paint on everything. Just adding better highlights to most of the Reds and yellows. 

I added these two … another pogoer and a loony. 

I also picked up these cheerleaders … And updated the paint to better match the team and style. 

I’ll have an update next time on how the team did in its first week of action. 

I finished up these two for my USAriadna force. I’m down to 2 Traktor Muls to m finish this week (I hope). Everything else I have for infinity will be put back into storage until I get back to them. 

Next … I found this sitting online for sale.  I had sold this Revenant Titan a few years ago. I was surprised to run into it for sale on an Internet forum. So I had to get it back. 

Lastly, future projects …

I plan to return to OFCC 40k next year … After a great little chat with some old friends at this years OFCC – they convinced me that I “need” to do this project. The hint should be obvious from the image above. More on this later after I nail down a working army list. 



The Past Few Weeks in Hobby – 8.8.16

It’s been a busy mid summer. Hanging out, relaxing and just trying to live in the moment.  With mid-summer drawing to a close I thought I’d better get an update posted before summer was gone. 

First off, I did end up going to OFCC this year. As a visitor and not really a participant.  I was an alternate “ringer” for Infinity just in case they needed one to balance things. Turns out I wasn’t needed. 

It was great to go without any real schedule or pressure to play. I met up with friends and got to play a game of Dark-Age.  Here are some shots of the battle … Against my friend Josh’s Skarrd … A similar list I had played him before. I played Brood – but my lack of play time shows – my tactics were horrible. 

I took the Howler – but got totally out of position with him – and really left my center open. I’m the end – it took o my 3 rounds to be tabled lol. Was fun to play – and remember how much I want to play more. 

The rest of OFCC was looking good. Here are some of the armies that caught my eye. – Infinity as well as Warhammer 40,000. 

All the sights make me want to get back on a team next year and participate. Initial thoughts are that I get those Harlequins back on the table. With a year to go till next OFCC I may try. 

What’s left? …  I got my grunts done for Infinity over the week since OFCC. 

I also got this figure done from operation ice storm. 

Lastly, I got a couple buildings/ ruins done for Epic 40k. 

Ok- that’s it for now. My current project plans are to get back to work on some yurt projects (window, porch and new tub). Also planning to wrap up my USAriadna soon – and get my Brood complete. 


The OFCC Aftermath 

ok- I took a few random shots from OFCC. Here ya go. 

Awesome Ad-Mech army with display board.   
I loved my friend Jeff’s conversion on this Dark Eldar take on the WraithKnoght.   
  My Corsair Prince just about to meet his room. 
Truckks jumping off the landing platform … Awesome!


“By the power of Grey Skull!” 😀  

 And this… OMG Ponies!