This Week in Hobby – 5.13.17

I've been busy with work this past week. But I did finish up a few more Dark-Age Outcasts.  These wasteland warriors went really quickly.  I'm satisfied with how they came out - and they fit in well with the rest of the force.  I also got Finn Deadeye - a bounty hunter sniper done. She … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 5.13.17


This Week in Hobby – 4.25.17

Well it's spring and I'm really feeling the creative juices flowing. I've gotten out for disc golf a couple times which is nice. I'm enjoying the new gig and pushing my knowledge into new things.   It's a good springlike feeling all around.  Hobby desk ...   I've finished Mongo. He was really fun to … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 4.25.17