Razorwing counts-as

Ok I finished the Razorwing counts-as units. These will be part of my Dark Eldar Harlequin themed army.

They are ready for paint and basing. Still not quite sure what to call them… suggestions? I was thinking Some kinda evil-ish pixies or fairies? Some terms I found on Wikipedia …
Sídhe, changelings, will o’ wisp, sprite, and siths? Thoughts? Ideas on something good for dark eldar harlequin themed fairies? Please chime in if you have an opinion 😉




Weekend progress

I spent most of the weekend trying to get things put together for my Dark Eldar Harlequin force. I will have to pack these things up for a few weeks. I would really like to have the army primed and put together before I do so. It would be nice to at least play test things when I get the chance.

I got the hellions put together and primed. I used reaver jet bike masked heads to better go with the harlequin theme and to speed painting.




I also started putting together my razorwing units from the old epic figures.




To the bases I added some heavy fishing line to support the figures. I should be able to start mounting the units tonight after I verify the right height.