This Week in Hobby – 9.16.16

It’s turned into a sorta busy week of hobby stuff.  I figured I should post up an update today before this post got to be to large. 

First, after the BloodBowl match last week I ended up with one goblin advancing with a new gained skill. I opted for “catch” … mostly because I had this mini that I had yet to paint. 

He took a couple hours – and I did my best to match the rest of the existing team. 

Next up, I finally got time to finish up my current USAriadna – Traktor Muls. 

After getting this photo I decided to add some aerials … because they just seemed to need something visually. 

So here is a shot with the quickly added antennae. I’m not sure if I’m done messing with the Traktors … but this is it for now. 

Lastly, I got in a game of Dark-Age with my son. We played on the newly completed Zuzzy mat. 

We played a 590pt battle – custom seize ground type of battle. I used plastic tubes to represent the LOS blocking objective markers. I’m planning to do more with them later. 

The battle was initially tight – we each grabbed the three closest objectives on each side. But after the third round dice rolls and luck – my son had gained a 6-4 point advantage. In the mission- 10 victory would win and end the game. 

I mounted a stiff comeback – but it was too little too late. He ended up winning in round 4 with 11 points. 



This Week in Hobby – 9.6.16

Looking ahead … And looking back. That’s kinda my theme of thoughts currently. I’m trying to wrap up some projects. And trying to get other things started. 

The first things that got done this past week we’re finishing up my revised BloodBowl Goblin team.  I’ve joined a new league which starts this week. And I’m all ready now. 

Here’s the team. I’ve updated some of the paint on everything. Just adding better highlights to most of the Reds and yellows. 

I added these two … another pogoer and a loony. 

I also picked up these cheerleaders … And updated the paint to better match the team and style. 

I’ll have an update next time on how the team did in its first week of action. 

I finished up these two for my USAriadna force. I’m down to 2 Traktor Muls to m finish this week (I hope). Everything else I have for infinity will be put back into storage until I get back to them. 

Next … I found this sitting online for sale.  I had sold this Revenant Titan a few years ago. I was surprised to run into it for sale on an Internet forum. So I had to get it back. 

Lastly, future projects …

I plan to return to OFCC 40k next year … After a great little chat with some old friends at this years OFCC – they convinced me that I “need” to do this project. The hint should be obvious from the image above. More on this later after I nail down a working army list. 


This Week in Hobby – 8.31.16

Summer hobby time is always limited by many factors. Most of which in the PNW is the nice weather. This means I spend more time outside – enjoying time with family and friends.  But now that we stand on the edge of summers end … My thoughts turn toward wrapping up projects and starting new plans for the year to come. 

First off, what sits on my hobby table. I finished the junk tire pile terrain. 

I’ve magnetized my Traktor Muls for my USAriadna.  The magnetizing doesn’t do anything special with this figure. I just got tired of the launch tubes constantly popping the glue. I tried pinning but just figured the magnet would fix it once and for all lol. 

I started work on the Unknown Ranger as well. 

Lastly, I finished up a couple more terrain additions to my junk/ruined/ after the apoc table stuff. In. This case it’s a pair of dumpsters. 

Next on my table will be to do a few additions to my goblin BloodBowl team. I joined a stunt you league which starts in a few weeks. So expect game day reports when that starts. 

After that I’ll be doing some prep work for my next big project – TBA. 😜