First Game – 40k initiation

Well after picking up Dark Vengeance I had my son assemble the faction he wants to play. He choose Chaos Space Marines. They added up to about 500pts.

I pulled together a small group of eldar to meet his on the table top. It was a learning / teaching game. It ended up a slight victory for the eldar. .. After many redo’s and do overs – I think my son is getting the hang of it.

Here are some photos of the fun.











Still here – Status…

Wow, it has been a long time… but winter is over, spring… is nearly over and summer is here! Big changes on lots of fronts for me. First off, I will have my son (11) moving into our yurt later this summer. So my initial planning has turned to converting the not yet built kitchen area into a room for him. My former wife is moving to Boston, Mass… and my daughter Libby (6) will be moving with her. I have about a month before I flying east to drop her off. Somewhere between now and then I will begin work on the bedroom for my son. All of the changes will require me to reformulate what I do about a kitchenette. Along with the bedroom construction I am planning to finish all of the unfinished areas in the yurt over the next couple months. Ending with a new covered porch before the fall :).

Gaming side of things… well I have not played 6th ed. Warhammer 40k at all – and no warhammer 40k since last summer. But the new Eldar codex is out now – and my interest is piqued. I am planning to get an army put together and start learning the new edition. I will see how things work in the new rules and get some learning games in. Maybe in the fall I will be ready to hit some events.

Updates and photos to come soon.



DE Harlequin List

Ok, as promised, here is the list I am looking to build. A Dark Eldar Harlequin themed list… that, I hope, remains competitive without loosing its clown army feel. Everything will be themed or converted to fit the Harlequin theme. Harlequin wraith lords for Talos… Harlequin jet bikes for reavers, old RT era Harlequins for wyches…etc.

Baron Sathonyx
(x2) Haemonculus w/ WWP

Harlequins 4 +kisses w/ DJ, SS w/ kiss, & TM w/ PW

(x2) Wyches 15 w/ HWG, SN & Imp x3, Hexatrix w. PGL & Agoniser

Hellions 10 w/ Helliarch w/ PGL & Agoniser

(x2) Reavers 6 w/ x2 Heat Lance

Beastmasters w/ x5 Khymera & x4 Razorwing Flocks

Talos Pain Engine w/ TL Heat Lance & Chain Flails

Talos Pain Engine w/ TL Heat Lance & TL Liquifier gun

Cronos Parasite Engine w/ Spirit Vortex

I get 1999 pts…