First Game – 40k initiation

Well after picking up Dark Vengeance I had my son assemble the faction he wants to play. He choose Chaos Space Marines. They added up to about 500pts. I pulled together a small group of eldar to meet his on the table top. It was a learning / teaching game. It ended up a slight … Continue reading First Game – 40k initiation


DE Harlequin List

Ok, as promised, here is the list I am looking to build. A Dark Eldar Harlequin themed list... that, I hope, remains competitive without loosing its clown army feel. Everything will be themed or converted to fit the Harlequin theme. Harlequin wraith lords for Talos... Harlequin jet bikes for reavers, old RT era Harlequins for … Continue reading DE Harlequin List