Late Summer Hobby Malaise — 9.7.17

The summer is swiftly slipping away.  But it's still hotter and drier  than normal here in the Pacific Northwest. I spend the last bits of August with a summer cold ... then as I got better from the virus the wildfires took over with unhealthy levels of smoke hanging in the hot dry air. I'm … Continue reading Late Summer Hobby Malaise — 9.7.17


This Week in Hobby – 6.27.17

Summertime is here in the Pacific Northwest... and so far it's a hot one. I got out with the family to visit the Oregon coast over the weekend. It was a really nice relaxing break.  After a few learning to play games of Arena Rex - I decided to do a quick painting project. I … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 6.27.17

This Week in Hobby – 6.19.17

Well, summertime weather for the Pacific Northwest has arrived. And I'm struggling to get on top of my outside projects before the normal activities for the summer take over my time.  I did get the new wood storage area finished this week. I'll be starting the larger roof section this week.  On the gaming table, … Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 6.19.17