This Week in Hobby – 5.20.16

Ok – well it has been a busy couple weeks – and I’ve been stretched kinda thin.  Last weekend I started feeling sick – and I ended up missing part of this week of work staying home.  But – I’m back at it now.

First up is a picture of Mt. St. Helens … Big blow-up on May 18, 1980.  I live and grew up just about 60-70 miles south of the mountain.  I remember the lead up eruptions – I was in school 6th or 7th grade as I remember. I am sure I was asleep in bed when it blew – and I remember getting up and collecting ash out of the gutters lol.  Wow – that was long ago. Hobby wise I was already playing basic d&d (or maybe the expert box??)

My current “hobby project” is stripping the paint off the outside of this old cast-iron bathtub.  I started with a pressure washer and then moved on to a wire wheel.

The tub is for the yurt. Im hoping to get it installed by the end of June. (Wish me luck).

Next up, I found more trench line terrain. This is something I got late last year via Kickstarter. It took just a bit of time Saturday afternoon to get it ready for the gaming table.

Lastly, I picked up this final bit if terrain.

I’m hoping to get most of the use of this with Infinity and Dark-Age. It’s nicely packed and organized.

So far it’s the best organized MDF kit I’ve purchased.  With an instruction sheet stacked with the MDF between each section. Nice!

This will take awhile to assemble … So expect updates every so often.

That’s it for now – back to work.


Hobby Table – 03.28.16

It’s been a long week or so – with very little time on the painting side of things. 

I started painting my USAriadna in group / assembly line fashion. Focusing on the Grunts.  I’m hoping to return to these this week.  But first I’ll need totals care of a few non- hobby things. 

I also worked on a sheet to better track my battle reports. I’ll try to use it and refine in when we have another battle. This one is aimed at Dark-Age and Infinity… But I think it will work for a couple other skirmish games as well. 

The next few weeks I will be focusing on some upgrades to the Yurt. Namely, a proper front porch, installing the window and finishing the bathroom. 


The hope is to have all the projects on the Yurt complete before spring is over. Long term plans include building a larger home structure in the coming years – while we build that we will have to solely rely on the yurt for or day-to-day living again. We want it to be fully complete before we get to that point.