This Week in Hobby – 8.22.17

Here is the crowning jewel of my summer. The total solar eclipse passed over my yurt yesterday. 

We had about 25-30 people staying the weekend at our home and lots of fun was had by all. 

I did get the porch and stairs done for the yurt on a slightly delayed schedule. I’ll add a roof to the porch after we get more done inside the yurt. 

Next up for the yurt is finalizing plans on switching to natural gas and an on-demand water heater. While we are figuring that out I’ll finish redoing the drip edge and skirting. Then we’ll get the bathtub (finally) installed.   

That’s it for me – this week will be busy – but I’m hoping to be joining a game league in the fall – so at least I’ll have some battles to report on sometime. 



This week in Hobby – 04.04.16

Spring has sprung here at home … 

And I’ve been outside tending to the yard more than inside on my hobby stuff. 

The big looming project for me is getting the yurt “finished” in the next 6-8 weeks. This will take precedence over all other projects that I have. This last week I got out and gave the yurt a good wash. 

 I’m hoping to get the materials to start building the new covered porch this week.  I’m finalizing my list today and tomorrow. With luck we will be putting in the footings by Saturday. 
On the hobby table – I’ve worked on detailing out the USAriadna that I’d gotten base colors on over the last couple weeks. 

I’m going slow on this project – mostly due to my minimal time at the painting bench. But, I’m focusing on one or two figures at a time now – and the progress I die make seems meaningful. 

Lastly, in my zeal to completeness … I somehow picked up an extra book for Dark-Age on eBay … 

It’s in good condition and I ant tying to think of a good way to give it away 😄… I’ll even cover shipping.  So give me a good reason why you should have this … Why your following my blog of nonsense – And it’s yours. 


Yurt Bath Time

It’s been a bit since I last cleaned the yurt (outside). I wanted to do it as easy as possible. I settled on water … and this simple hydro powered car washer. I extended it with a couple PVC pipes converted for the job.





These worked out really well – as you can see the roof was rather dirty.



It took a couple hours – lots of up and down the ladder and lots of getting wet lol. Thankfully, it’s been a fairly warm start to our summer.