Ok, I’ve been working hard on my army this weekend. I’ve finished all the Falcons – and the warp hunter. 

After the Zoat Terror Squad (which will be counts-as war walker wasps – troop unit) I have the troops, shadow spectres and HQ. 

 The Zoats are painted in the classic RT era eldar pirates theme.  These guys bring back lots of fun memories. 




Corsair Army Progress


Ok – here is my first bit – a warlock as my “Void Dreamer”.  I have yet to swap out his pistol for a neuro disruptor… I’ll get to that before the end of the week. But did cut off his basing tab and glued him onto this rune base. I set him back to allow room for his Grynx.  

The Grynx is I found online because GW not Forge World thought to make one. This one I have magnetized to be removable when used in a game.  A Grynx will all of for a free reroll in the game – or a save or something. Being removable will be helpful in keeping track of that. 

My next conversion was a bit more serious. My Zoat Terror squad. I picked up a few old 40k zoats for “counts-as” wasp war walkers. 

I picked up a old fantasy Zoat for a cool front legs (rearing up?) pose. Only need to cut the fantasy Zoat in half to make this happen.  Nothing that a hacksaw and a hobby vise couldn’t fix 😀. 

The positioning of the cut was nearly perfect. I sure got lucky with it. I’ll use just a minimum of green-stuff later to fill any gaps in the look. 

After some file work things went together nicely. 


The Zoat turned out pretty wild looking. Perfect!  Looks nice when compared to a standard 40k Zoat I have already. 

Ok – I’m hoping to have the last Zoat for the squad arrive soon from eBay land 😀. But I’m going with all 3 in the squad with the same torso. Basically to give a nice size comparison to a normal walker. 

Lastly, my opponent for bloodbowl is out of town this week. So we decided to postpone the last game of the season till next week.